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Checklist Software - Make Catchy Checklists Faster

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/14/2022
With the checklist software, you can quickly create quality checklists with various styles. Produce presentation quality checklists that you can use in publications, websites, ppt presentations or flyers.

Easy to Use Checklist Software

Whether you want to plan an activity time schedule, or record essential things to buy, you need to make checklists. Of course this could be done through a pen and paper, however, if you want to make presentation-quality checklists for website presentations or publications, you might need a drawing program. As an all-in-one diagramming software, Edraw is capable in creating professional checklist and it's very easy to use. Most people say they could handle our software at the first sight, which help them save lots of time. Below is a screenshot of the software interface.

Checklist Software Interface

Learn How to Create Checklists

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The Symbols For Making Checklist

In case those who are not familiar with Edraw might spend time to find certain symbols, here will present some of the frequently used symbols and where they locate.

1. Ready-to-use checklist template:

Location: Symbol Library > Business Diagram > List Shapes

Checklist Symbol

2. Basic drawing shapes for checklist:

You are able to find hundreds of basic drawing shapes such as circle, rectangle, triangle, square, star, arrows, etc. Some are equipped with dynamic control handles to adjust the shape styles easily.

Location: Symbol Library > General > Basic Drawing Shapes

Checklist Basic Shapes

3. Equally Spaced Lines:

Drag and drop equally spaced lines instead of drawing the lines one by one. You can set the line number though the floating button, and adjust the line interval simply by dragging the selection border.

Location: Symbol Library > General > Basic Drawing Shapes

Equally Spaced Lines

4. More List shapes for stylish checklist:

Location: Symbol Library > Business Diagrams > List Shapes

More List Shapes

5. Insert Table:

Location: Insert > Table

Insert Table

Checklist Examples:

Below are simple examples illustrating the delightful results Edraw makes, and they can be finished in just a few minutes.

1. Shopping List

Shopping List

2. Birthday Party Checklist

Shopping List

3. Fairy Tales Checklist

Fairy Tales Checklist

Checklist Templates - Downloadable and Customizable

We also offer abundant templates that you can always download and use as quick start files.

More Checklist Templates

List Diagram Software

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