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Below is a simple mind map about barbecue activity plan drawn with Edraw mind map software. Users can use this easily customizable mind map template to design their own activity plans.

Barbecue Mind Map Examples

The Barbecue mind map example can be used as a template to create activity plans which will save many hours of time. You can download and modify the example for your own use.

Barbecue Mind Map Template

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Let's Barbecue!

1. Time
1.1 May 15th, 2014 10:00 am
2. Place
2.1 Songkla Beach
3. Assembling Place & Time
3.1 In front of central bus station
3.2 At 8:00 am
4. Number of People
4.1 No limit
5. Participants
5.1 Single youths under 40
6. Expense
6.1 About 20 dollars each
7. Contact Information
7.1 Steven Lin
7.2 TEL: 0568745269
8. Application Deadline
8.1 May 12nd, 2014
9. Theme
9.1 Make friends and enjoy life.

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