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A Beginner's Guide to Andriod Wireframing

> Wireframe How-Tos > A Beginner's Guide to Andriod Wireframing
Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
This page will guide you through the process of creating an Android wireframe. It provides you with a clear clue on how to make accurate and good-looking Android wireframes.

An Effective Android Wireframing Tool

Edraw can be used as an excellent tool to design Android wireframes, with a comprehensive collection of icons and a drag-and-drop simplicity. No drawing skills needed, it provides you with the easiest method applicable to both new and experienced Android UI designers.

Vector Android UI Wireframing Icons

Since Android APP UI design often make use of icons, it's essential to use standard icons to represent key actions. Edraw provides a nice collection of icon sets including over 300 pre-drawn vector Android widgets that will help you go through this process with ease.

You can get customizable Android icons such as status bar, navigation bar, search bar, slider, progress bar, circular progress, on-off switch, button, keyboard, label, voice message, calendar, phone number, touch gestures, etc.

Android Wireframing Widgets

Basic Steps to Create an Android Wireframe:

1. Start a New Page

Start Edraw, from the Available Templates, choose Wireframe. After that double click Android UI to start a new drawing page.

2. Add an Android Phone Frame

From the icon library, drag and drop an Android phone frame.

3. Add icons

Drag proper icons and place in the iPhone frame.

4. Layout and Design

You can continue to design your wireframe by adjusting icon position, changing size, refilling colors and adding texts.

5. Save and Export

When it's done, right click on your mouse and choose "fit to drawing". This command can make the page size perfect fit your drawing. After that go to File, and click Export & Send to transform your file to other formats.

Android Wireframe Guide

Android UI Wireframe Examples

Below are finished Android UI designs. Edraw lets you create Android wireframes with high fidelity.

Iphone UI Wireframe Template

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