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A Beginner's Guide to iPad Wireframing

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/20/2020
A simple beginners' guide to iPad wireframing. Learn the definition of wireframes. Get the best software to design iPad wireframes along with ready-to-use symbols and templates.

What is Wireframe

A wireframe is a graphic representation of a user interface, stripped of any visual design or branding elements. It is used by Designers to define the hierarchy of items on a screen and communicate what the items on that page should be based on user needs.

To understand wireframe better, just think about construction. The architect should draw the floor plan before adding paint and other decoration. From this perspective, a wireframe is the floor plan of your website, a vessel that content can flow into.

Benefits of Wireframes

Wireframes are beneficial for a number of reasons as follows:

  1. Let designers foresee potential problems before they get into the nitty-gritty of designing
  2. Serve as the foundation for website designers to create screens
  3. Serve as a basis for prototyping and for user testing ideas early on
  4. Explore ideas without the hassle of changing inherent in Photoshop mockups

The Best iPad Wireframing Software

An easy wireframing software - Edraw offers you not only wireframing tools but also a set of predefined symbols and templates. It ensures beginners to draw iPad wireframe with ease. It also features high quality output, 100% compatibility with Visio and lower cost. Supported Platforms include Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista and Citrix and Mac. See its user-friendly interface similar with Word below.

ipad wireframe software

iPad Wireframing Symbols

Readymade symbols that can be used in to make iPad wireframes fast. Particularly useful for people who think they can't draw. Even though you only know how to draw lines or squiggles, you can draw professional-looking iPad wireframes with Edraw's helpful predefined symbols.

ipad ui symbols

iPad Wireframing Templates

Edraw offers well designed templates to reduce the amount of time and effort spent in creating great iPad wireframes. Plus, they come with iPad wireframing objects right next to the canvas. Simply drag and drop or copy and paste as many shapes as you like to make modifications to the templates.

Click here to free download Edraw Wireframe Software. Then you can use the built-in templates to create and present wireframes quickly and effectively.

Wireframe Software

iPhone UI Wireframe Kit

Easy Vector Wireframing Tools for Designers

iPhone UI Wireframe Symbols

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