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As one of the most well-known selling theories, AIDA has been widely used in digital marketing and sales strategies. This article introduces what is AIDA theory and how do the four elements perform during the process of selling.

What is AIDA Theory

The AIDA model is an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. First introduced by American advertising and sales pioneer, E.St. Elmo Lewis, it has been over 100 years since and this selling model still being popular among. A prospect customer goes through four definitive stages before he or she places an order. And AIDA selling theory is designed for this process, its concepts target at every stage during the customer purchasing period.

aida theory of selling


To draw customer attention to a product is a crucial part of this theory. The old saying goes:"well begun is half done". Marketers usually expand their exposure rate to attract customer attention. There are many methods to attract customer attention, you can start with a casual conversation, to create joy and relaxed circumstance. To listen more about what your customer requires instead of talking about the brand and products endlessly. And to sales online, you can use the social media to expand your brand awareness to attract traffics to your online store, for example, people are interested in a discount, then a coupon code can attract your potential customer attention.


Once you gain your prospect attention, to maintain customer interest is important. Professional looking will earn you the trust of your customers. Therefore, you need to have a great master of the products you are selling. Also, the talking method is also crucial to complete a deal, you can ask your customers leading questions and get close to their requires, and give them the most acceptable suggestions. To online store, this part counts largely on your landing page. A clean and well-organized landing page will prolong your visitors visiting time. The more interest they have towards your products, the longer your visitors would stay on your page.

aida sales model


If interest in the product is aroused, the next step is to make your customers have the eager to own this product. The study has shown that to allow your customers to feel and touch a product will increase the ownership in them, to which will drive prospective customers conversion. Also, to some virtual products, such as an app, to provide a free trial before buying is a great method to create a link between customer and product. Another useful point to make your customer desire the product is to make it superior to their expectation. Therefore, sales need to show all the aspects the product can be used for, to fully show the value of the product can make the customer consider the product is worthy of buying.


If a customer is interested in your product, and it is also what he needs, but he did not buy it. What would be the reasons for holding him back? The most common reason would be -- the price! Many customers would wait for a promotion to get the things they desire. Therefore, shops to hold a time limit promotion can affect customers to make a quick decision to purchase the products. For an online store, customers would add their desired products to their shopping cart. Sellers provide free shipping service or to offer a complimentary gift to increase the turnover.

However, simply to sell the product out does not mean the sales process ends. The great after-sales service support, which is also vital to a business process. To make customers satisfied will gain your brand public reputation and bring more and more customers. Therefore, try to apply the AIDA model in your selling.

aida theory

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