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Welcome to Edraw Quick Start Video Tutorial. These tutorial help you use edraw software easier.

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The following is a detail video tutorial index.

Create Diagrams

  1. Mind Map in 2 Minutes

  2. Create a Gantt Chart

  3. Create a Floor Plan

  4. Create an Organizational Chart

  5. Change Calendar Options

  6. Create a Column Chart

  7. Create a Line Chart

  8. Create a Pie Chart

  9. Create a Spider Chart

  10. Create an Area Chart

  11. Create a BPMN

  12. Create a Family Tree

  13. Create a Gantt Chart

  14. Create a Gauges Chart

  15. Create HOQ and QFD

  16. Create a Scatter Plot

  17. Create a Timeline

  18. Create a Comparison Chart

  19. Learn to Layout Organizational chart in 3 mins

  20. Auto connection in flowcharting

  21. Add Markers to Relationship Matrix

Shape Basic

  1. Delete Shapes

  2. Replace Shapes

  3. Distribute Shapes

  4. Fill Shapes

  5. Connect Shapes

  6. Distribute Shapes

  7. Group Shapes

  8. Add Hyperlink to a Shape

  9. Add Notes to a Shape

  10. Add Attachment to a Shape

  11. Add Data to a Shape

  12. How to Operate Connection Points

  13. How to Operate Text Block

Format Shapes

  1. Set Line Style

  2. Set Default Arrow Style

  3. Reverse the Direction of a Connector

  4. Apply Theme

  5. Revert Arrow of Connector

  6. Formatting Text

  7. Action Buttons

  8. Use Action Buttons to Create Diagrams Easily

Page and Document

  1. Good tips to layout your drawing

  2. Add Background

  3. Create a Library from Images

  4. Draw a Symbol and Save to a New Library

Saving and Printing

  1. Export to MS Office, Vector PDF, and Graphic Formats

  2. Print a Big Size Document

More Help Documents

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