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What Is Evaluation Form?

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Posted by James Freeman | 11/28/2019
Evaluation form depicts the assessing process of a project, program, activity or any other subjects with a standard criteria.

Overview of Evaluation Form

An evaluation form is a document which sponsors, donors, client-groups, administrators, staff, and other relevant constituencies or supervisors used to measure a subject’s merit, worth and significance with a criteria governed by a set of standards. It is able to assist a teacher, organization, project, program or any others to access performance, proposal or any alternatives, to help them make a decision.

Purposes of Evaluation Form

The primary purpose of evaluation form is to provide “useful feedback” to a variety of audiences. And whether this feedback is useful or not is often judged from if it helps audience in making decisions. Useful feedback usually enables reflection and assists in the identification of future change except for gaining insight into prior or existing initiatives.

Types of Evaluation Form

There are two major types of evaluation forms, formative evaluation form and summative evaluation form. Both of these two type can be divided into several sub-types.

Formative evaluation form, judging the worth of a program, activity, project or any other subject while the they are forming, can be subdivided into following three sub-types:

  • Needs assessment form determines 2 "W" and 1 "H", who needs the program, what might work to meet the need, and how great the need is.
  • Evaluability assessment form is a form which decides whether the evaluation is doable or not and how can stakeholders can help stimulate its usefulness.
  • Process evaluation form focuses on whether the program or activity was implemented as planned.

Summative evaluation form, judging the worth of a program, activity or project when they are finished , can also be subdivided into following two sub-types:

  • Outcome evaluation form focuses on the changes in comprehension, attitudes, behaviors, and practices that result from programs activities. It normally includes both short and long term results
  • Impact evaluation form describes long term and sustained changes as a result of the program activities, no matter positive or negative and intended or unintended

Evaluation Form Examples

Here listed some evaluation form templates created by Edraw - a professional evaluation form software. All of these templates are downloadable and editable. Just download what you like and customize it to suit your own situations.

Training Evaluation Form

Supplier Evaluation Form

English Speech Contest Evaluation Form

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