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Here are some of the most popular Valentine's Day wishes, including love quotes, poems and lyrics. Use these greeting sentences to add charm to your Valentine's Day cards.

Send your wishes to your Valentine with sincere and touching words. Here are some greeting examples for Valentine's Day. Use them in your text messages, e-mail or Valentine's Day cards.

Wishes for Your Valentine on Valentine's Day

Rose and heart shapes

You are unique,
You are caring and,
You are the Best.
And I am the luckiest to have you in my life!
Happy Valentine's Day my sweet heart!

Rose and heart shapes

Love is like a flower...
Love is like a dream...
Love is 1 word and everything in between...
love is a fairy tale come true...
I found love when I found you.

Rose and heart shapes

In the most amazing way,
Your love brings me happiness,
Your love sets me free,
Your love takes me to places where I have never been,
Life with you has been sheer bliss.

Rose and heart shapes

You're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry
You're the one for me
And I'm the one for you
You take the both of us
And we're the perfect two

Rose and heart shapes

  1. You give me wings to fly and I feel free and happy with you my Valentine.
  2. You have been all over me like a spell and I am drowning into this magical charm.
  3. Through it all, you've been there for me ... as an adviser, a morale booster, a companion and most of all, a true and trusted friend.

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Valentine Card Examples with Wishes

Here is an example that includes feelings and wishes for the beloved one. You can edit it according to your own needs.

Valentine's Day card
Replace the Yellow Flowers with Roses
Valentine's Day card

For more Valentine Card Examples, click here.

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