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Make Study Easier for Students via Tree Diagram

> Edraw Knowledge > Make Study Easier for Students via Tree Diagram
Posted by James Freeman | 06/29/2021
Classify and generalize knowledge in tree diagrams to make it easier to understand for student. Use professional software to make polished tree diagrams.

Definition of Tree Diagram

Tree Diagram is also referred to as tree structure. It is a way of representing the hierarchical nature of a structure in a graphical form. It is named a "tree structure" because the classic representation resembles a tree, even though the chart is generally upside down compared to an actual tree, with the "root" at the top and the "leaves" at the bottom.

Types of Tree Diagrams

Tree diagrams can be in various styles.

Classicalagrams: Classical node-link diagrams, that connect nodes together with line segments.

Nested sets: Nested sets that use enclosure/containment to show parenthood, examples include TreeMaps and fractal maps.

Layered "icicle" diagrams: Layered "icicle" diagrams that use alignment/adjacency.

Outlines and tree views: Lists or diagrams that use indentation, sometimes called "outlines" or "tree views". Nestedparentheses:((art,craft)culture,science)encyclopedi or encyclopedia(culture(art,craft),science)

Radial trees: Trees can also be represented radially.

Benefits of Tree Diagrams for Study

Tree diagrams are really helpful for students to visualize the branches of knowledge. It generalizes the main points and lists their logical relationship clearly. Compared with the textual format, the graphic form of tree diagram is easier for memorization. What is more, it adds some fun to the learning process to what may otherwise be boring.

Tree Diagram Software

Tree Chart Maker

Want easy-to-use software for tree diagrams? Rely on Edraw-a professional diagram maker that will help you make polished and personalized tree diagrams to boost your students' learning motivation. Along with a large collection of clip arts built in the program, Edraw will generate tree diagrams that are way more interesting and attractive. Refer to the following examples.

Tree Diagram Examples

Example 1 Animal Categories Tree Diagram

Animal Tree Diagram

From this diagram, viewers can understand the categorization of animals easily and instantly. Since many people are visual learners and some people have short attention span, such visuals will be of great help for dispersing information and imparting knowledge.

Example 2 Chemical Reaction Types Tree Chart

Chemical Reaction Tree Chart

Bring fun to learning through various kinds of tree charts. Students can draw tree charts themselves in Edraw for their own purposes.

More Tree diagram Examples

Fruit Types Tree Diagram Tree Chart on Physics
Fruits Tree Diagram Physics Tree Chart
Force Knowledge Tree Chart Light Phenomenon Tree Chart
Force Knowledge Tree Chart Light Phenomenon Tree Chart

More Related Diagrams

Animal Kingdom Tree Chart

Tree Charts: Easy and Happy English Learning

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