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Make Tree Chart Extremely Quickly

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Make tree chart faster than you can expect with automatic diagram maker. Getting started from ready-made templates which can be edited easily will help you gain sleek-looking tree charts extremely quickly.

What Is Tree Chart

Tree chart can also be called treediagram,treestructureordendrogram.Itisawayofrepresentingthehierarchicalnatureofastructureinagraphicalform.Itcanbeusedtoshowthestructureofanorganization,thelogicalrelationshipofknowledge,classificationofacertainobjectorthefamilymember's kinship.

Use Smart Tree Chart Maker

Tree Chart Maker

You don't have to draw tree charts by hand anymore. Here you can gain a paperless and flexible solution - Edraw. It is a smart diagram maker that supports auto generation. Begin from only one shape but you will finish with a full-fledged tree chart, which takes only about 5 minutes or even less.

Steps to Create Tree Chart

Start Edraw and you can see a list of diagrams it can generate under Available Templates. We will use the intelligent mind map shapes to get started since it supports automatic function. Click Mind Map. Move the mouse to the right to double click Mind Map. You will see a canvas with a shape in the middle and a stencil on the left.

Hold your mouse over that shape and a floating button appears. This small button is of great help. You can generate a new shape by clicking it. One click produces one shape. The newly generated shapes are connected with the former one automatically. Tree charts are laid out usually from top to down or from left to right. You can select either one in Mind Map tab on the tool bar.

The third-level shapes can be made similarly by clicking the floating buttons of the second-level ones. The rest can be done in the same manner. You can include as many levels as you need. Just double click the shapes to enter content. The amazing bonus of these intelligent shapes is that they can extend automatically real time according to the inserted text: expand or shrink. You don't need to bother about shape size throughout the whole process.

That is it. Simple and easy. Even a 10-year old child can handle it.

Create Tree Chart from Templates

The product range tree chart template can save many hours in creating great tree charts by using built-in symbols right next to the canvas. You can download and modify this template for your own use.

Product Range Tree Chart Template

Download Product Range Tree Chart Templates in PDF Format

Download Product Range Tree Chart Templates in Editable Format

Here are more tree chart templates.

Geography Tree Diagram Physics Tree Chart
Geography Tree Diagram Physics Tree Chart
English Tree Chart Chemistry Tree Chart
Verb Tree Chart Chemical Reaction Tree Chart


Edraw max can help novices or experts and everyone in between to make professional-looking tree charts effortlessly. No time is wasted. No drawing skill or experience is required.

Discover why Edraw is an excellent program to create product range tree chart. Try Edraw FREE.

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