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This page offers free and fabulous design elements for making stickers. DIY your own personalized stickers even without any prior experience. With pre-drawn shapes, everything is as simple as pie.

See some creative ideas to DIY stickers. Here, you will find the easiest and fastest way to make your characteristic stickers. No drawing skill or experience required.

Custom Sticker Examples

Personality and Career Circular Diagram

If you need to use stickers as markers, you can choose many kinds of symbols. We offer medal, smiling faces, animals, fruits and so on.

Give a medal or thumb-up sticker to encourage your kids or students when they do a good job.

  1. Smart Shapes
  2. Free Vector Clipart

Heart-shaped Sticker Examples

Heart-shaped stickers are also very popular. As you can see from the right example, a small change to the design can make the sticker attractive and characteristic.

Our heart shapes can also add charm to love saying graphics and Valentine Cards.

  1. Heart Shapes
Heart-shaped Stickers

Flower-shaped Sticker Examples

Flower-shaped Stickers

By grouping or ungrouping the flower shapes, girls can gain various floral stickers. Change the color with 1 click on the color bar. Print them for note-taking.

  1. Flower Shapes

Star-shaped Sticker Examples

Edraw offers some nicely designed star shapes. You can add more elements to the star shapes to make nice stickers.

Click the picture to download its editable format. Cut the printed paper into pieces to take note.

  1. Star Shapes

Star-shaped Sticker

Colorful Sticker Examples

Personality and Career Circular Diagram

With Edraw's dynamic shapes with floating action buttons, you can change the style of stickers extremely easily. You can set the vertex number as 4, 5, 6, 8...

Leaf-shaped Sticker Examples

Stickers that look like green leaves will make people feel relaxed.

  1. Plant Shapes
Heart-shaped Stickers

Other Graphic Organizers for Note Taking

Here are more graphic organizers that can suit more occasions.

Note Taking Sticker
Note Taking Mind Map
Note Taking Sheet
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