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Stacked Bar Chart Examples and Templates

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/28/2021
Some editable and printable stacked bar chart examples are available. Download them for free.

What Is Stacked Bar Chart

Stacked bar chart is a bar chart that is used to compare the parts to the whole. The bars in a stacked bar chart are divided into categories. Each bar represents a total.

Learn how to create stacked bar chart easily in an instant.

Stacked Bar Chart Templates and Examples

Here are some stacked bar chart templates and examples for your reference. Download them for free. All examples are editable. Just click on the floating action button to add/delete a category and double click the data labels to change the figures.

Favorite Sports Stacked Bar Chart Example

Sports Stacked Bar Chart

In the above example, each bar of the stacked bar chart is divided into two categories: girls and boys. Each of the 4 bars represents a whole. It visually shows that:

  1. 40 students from grade 8 like basket ball, out of which 15 are girls.
  2. 38 students' favorite sport is volleyball, out of which 18 are girls.
  3. 31 students like badminton the best. out of which 13 are girls.
  4. 21 students like Ping-Pong the best, out of which only 8 are girls.

3D Stacked Bar Char Template

Check out some 3D bar chart template below. Download them to make them your own. In Edraw, you can change its color easily through the Color Bar.

Items Comparison Bar

Download Comparison Stacked Bar Chart Template in PDF Format

Download Comparison Stacked Bar Chart Template in Editable Format

Cylinder 3D Stacked Bar Chart Template

100% Stacked Bar

Download Stacked Bar Chart Template in PDF Format

Download Stacked Bar Chart Template in Editable Format

Plan Management Stacked Bar Chart Template

Plan Management Bar

Combined with some rectangle shapes, this template becomes more nice-looking. Just double click the shapes to type in text, simple and easy.

Use Edraw - the best bar chart software to create stacked bar chart quickest. Try Edraw FREE.

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