What is a Milestone in a Gantt Chart? - Everything You Need to Know

Milestones can productively assist project managers in monitoring project process and walking on the right path. Simply refer to this article to learn about what is a milestone in a Gantt chart and some other key points.

What is a Milestone in a Gantt Chart?

Generally, unlike any other basic components in project management, milestones are specific points in line with your project cycle used to monitor project process and follow the right path. Milestones normally exist at intermediate stages without duration. It is a quite common way to be used to mark any significant activities in your project in the shape of a diamond. Real-time examples of using milestones in your project cloud be the establishment of a new website. You may need some major points like approving new UI design or posts etc.

milestones in gantt chart view

Why Use Milestones?

Milestones can add great value to your project including the following reasons:

When to Use Milestones in Gantt Charts?

It could be difficult to distinguish between tasks and milestones, especially for large projects. However, you can simply refer to the following circumstances to make a decision:

Any Other Key Reminders of Using Milestones in Gantt Charts?

How to Create a Milestone in a Gantt Chart Software?

Setting or converting a task to a milestone is quite convenient especially in Edraw Project. Just follow the following quick steps to do so:

1. Click to select the task which you want to set as a Milestone.

2. Do one of the following:

set task milestones
3. Check out the diamond milestone icon that shows up in your Gantt Chart View.

More Free Gantt Chart Examples and Templates

The following free Gantt chart examples and templates includes the main categories of Gantt chart for construction management and business projects. Feel free to click on any of them to see more details.

new market planning general construction process Interior Design Process
New Market Planning General Construction Process Interior Design Process
commercial building gantt chart general residental gantt chart Government building gantt chart
Commercial Building Gantt Chart General Residential Gantt Chart Government Building Gantt Chart

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