ORM Diagram Symbols

Pre-drawn ORM diagram symbols represent entity, value, unary, binary, vertical binary, ternary, quaternary, index annotation, mandatory constraint, etc. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

ORM diagram templates offer you plenty of special shapes, entity, value, unary, binary, vertical binary, ternary, quaternary, exclusion constraint, frequency constraint, index annotation, mandatory constraint, equality constraint, etc. All these shapes will greatly help you draw the ORM diagram you want.

ORM Diagram Symbols

ORM Diagram Shapes

ORM Diagram Symbols

Entity in a database could be a single person, place, or thing about which data can be stored.

Unary means consisting of or involving a single component or element.

Ternary means "composed of three items".

Index annotation defines an index for the class as a whole (typically a composite index).

ORM Diagram Symbols 2

Constraint is optimization problem that the solution must satisfy. There are several types of constraints in ORM, exclusion constraint, frequency constraint, P constraint, ring constraint, etc.

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