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Edraw Max V9.0 Has Been Released

Edraw Max V8.7 Has Been Released

Edraw Max V8.1 Has Been Released

Edraw Max 8.1 has upgraded to a cross-platform version, supporting MAC, Linux and Windows systems. The Team Cloud and Private Cloud are available now. With the cloud, you can save your processes in the cloud and enjoy the real-time collaboration. See more new features on What's New.

Floor Plan Maker Has Been Released

Floor Plan Maker is perfect not only for professional-looking floor plan, office layout, home plan, seating plan, but also garden design, fire and emergency plan, HVAC, elevation diagram.

Edraw Max V7.9 Has Been Released

This version added more symbols for p&id, pdf and engineer diagram. A special discount is available now.

Edraw Max V7.8 Has Been Released

This version added chart drawing types and can export Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SVG, Vector PDF, EPS, PS files in vector format.

Create Flowcharts in Word    Create Organizational Chart in PowerPoint    Create Mind Map in PowerPoint

Edraw Max V7 Has Been Released

The new version has some important improvements for the Gantt chart drawing types.

Edraw Max V6.8 Has Been Released

We have released Edraw Max V6.7 in Sep, 2012. The new version fixed some bugs in org chart data importing and mind map drawing types.

Added the Elevation diagram drawing type. Improved the floor plan, pest chart, SWOT diagram and timeline symbols.

Edraw Max V6.6 Has Been Released

We has released Edraw Max V6.6 in Aug, 2012. The new version has some important improvement on org chart data importing and exporting.

The new version has added the Rack Diagram, Process Flow Diagram, P&ID Drawing, Relations Diagram, Concept Map, Arrows Diagram, Business Matrix, Circle-Spoke Diagram and Process Steps drawing types.

Edraw Viewer Has Been Released

We are glad to inform you that EdrawSoft has released the freeware Edraw Viewer to help users share files.

Edraw Max V6.5 Has Been Released

We has released Edraw Max V6.5 and Edraw Mind Map Freeware V6 in June, 2012. The new version has some important improvement on flowcharting, org charting, floor plans, mind mapping and MS Office export.

The new version added the Circular Diagram, List and Process types in the Business Diagram Library. Added the Windows UI Design type in the Software Library. Added the Matrix type in the Project Management Library. Added the Mechanics, Optics, Chemistry Equation, Laboratory Equipment, Molecular Model, Mathematics types in the Science Library.

Performance and Concurrency

Edraw developers spent several weeks on improving software performance and enhancing concurrency in order to achieve the best performance in the current multi-core platforms. Finally, we got a great success in the Intel's performance test.

Create Charts and Diagrams to Suit Your Needs

Create flowcharts, mind maps and diagrams for personal or business use. Easily create charts and diagrams to suit your needs. A special offer for the users from SWREG. This offer is only valid for a limited period of time!

Easy and Powerful Flowchart Software

In a corporate environment, the clerks from human resources department need to be able to create organizational charts, some business presentations, and maybe some directional maps and building floor plans to guide visitors through the facility. More

Edraw Max V5 Will Be Released This Month

The Edraw Max V5 can Automatically resize the page as you draw. The most important improvement is the performance while drawing. Now Edraw can draw the complicated diagrams smoothly. A new Zoom & Pan window is available, too. So it's easy to position in a big size diagram. The table feature has been significantly enhanced. SVG features is a great choice to create SVG and save you a lot of time.

Edraw Max V4.7 is Free to Update Now

Today we release Edraw Max V4.7. It is free to update. update link

Free Business Card Templates

Edraw has a free feature-rich professional quality business card libraries, helps you create amazing cards in a matter of minutes and print them right-away -- on your own printer. Want to see how your business card may look like? Download some templates of business cards designed using this Edraw Max.

Buy One and Get One Free

Since December 2008, Edraw single user license allows one user to install Edraw product on two computers as long as that user is the only user of the software. (For example, you could install it on both your laptop and your home computer with the same license code.)

Edraw Max V4 Has Been Released

Edraw Max 4 helps you to create professional-looking diagrams for understanding, documenting, and analyzing information, data, systems, and processes. Full Ribbon features. See Feature list.

Cooperate with the PC-WELT

PC-WELT Magazine published Edraw Max V4 in December.

Embed MS Office Application

There were a few occasions when I needed to show an Excel or Word file in my application. My solution was to read the file and recreate the user interface appropriate for the file type to display the contents. More...

Visio Compatibility

Edraw Max V4.x is Visio compatibile. Now it is possible that you can import the Visio XML files to Edraw format. The compatibility is symbol level so that you can edit all the lines, colors and text later. More...

Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software.

Edraw Max is perfect not only for professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, but also network diagrams, floor plans, workflows, fashion designs, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams, science illustration, charts and graphs... and that is just the beginning!