What's New in Edraw MindMaster 6.5?

Edraw MindMaster is a professional and handy mind mapping software with rich built-in templates and cool features. Check out right now to see what's new in the version 6.5!

Open and Inspired MindMaster Community

This is an open, authentic and inspired platform that easily connects and encourages all the mind mapping fans with diverse cultural backgrounds to continuously share high quality and originally made mind maps in different industries. You can freely search and review all the published mind maps in the File>MindMaster Community section. Join for free and you are welcome to do the following:

edraw mindmaster community

Download this free mind mapping software and view lots of built-in mind mapping templates:

Download Mind Map Software Windows Version Mac Version Linux Version

Submitting a post requirement is very easy, just:

1. Log in your Edraw MindMaster account;

2. Click on the Publish  icon at the top right corner of the program;

3. Fill in your titles, descriptions, tags, publishing options;

4. Click the Publish button.

Fun and Productive Brainstorming

With the newly added brainstorming function, you can enjoy a more effective brainstorming process. It has a drawing board on the left to quickly collect all your ideas and a timer to keep things on track. Also, you can use the cursor or color pencil to add markups and annotations to your mind map.

1. Collect your ideas: once clicked on the bulb at the left-bottom corner, a panel will show up at the left-hand side. Now your team can freely label any ideas in different colors and font sizes, then directly drag and drop to the right-hand drawing board.

edraw mindmaster brainstorming feature

2. Built-in markup tools: this part includes the cursor, the laser pen, the color pencils and the eraser etc., for you to highlight key points and to visualize knowledge efficiently, especially when you are explaining the content in your current mind map.

edraw mindmaster brush tools

3. Timer: it is at the top-right corner of the brainstorming board. You can easily spot how many seconds have been used for the current project, and the cumulative hours for the current day. You can also show or display the timer.

Easy Full-Screen Edit Mode

It is not surprising to see the full mode in the previous and current Edraw MindMaster versions, but what else could you expect? In MindMaster 6.5, you can edit mind maps under full-screen mode, such as using keyboard shortcuts to quickly add topics; displaying or hiding branches; re-editing the contents, etc.

edraw mindmaster full screen edit mode

Quickly Set Recent Colors

In the past MindMaster versions, users can only set Fill and Line colors. In contrast, things become much easier in the 6.5 version! You are now allowed to set the Text color and choose up to 5 of your most recently used colors by clicking on the icon at the bottom.

remember colors

Conveniently Export to EverNote

The new function here conveniently fits the need of professionals who love Evernote. Simply go to File>Export>EverNote and tick the elements that you want to include. After hitting the OK button, you will be directed to your EverNote account page.

export to evernote

Other Updates You Should Know

Now It's Your Turn!

So far, we have checked a series of cool updates of Edraw MindMaster. Which feature do you like best? Or you may wonder: "What else could I enjoy?" So why not free download the latest 6.5 version by clicking on the FREE DOWNLOAD button below to have a try right now!

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