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Mapping work processes means drawing out how work gets done, which is also known as flow charting. This article gives you a general idea on how importance mapping work processes is and how to map work processes.

Mapping Work Processes

Brief Introduction

Process map is a picture of the work process. It visually displays the steps in a process for a clearer understanding of how the work flows, which is used as an effective way to help owner and employees have a broad and profound understanding of the work and analyze problems. Mapping is also a process of releasing knowledge, ideas and creativity within a group of people.

Why Should We Map Work Processes?

First you need to identify whether your organization is in need of mapping work process or not. There are some common circumstances in organizations that require mapping work processes, for example, the organization you are in is facing some troubles, such as turnover decrease, recruitment difficulties, cost increase... and doesn't know how to turnaround. In this situation, your organization urgently needs a work process map to have a clear outline of the whole process and find out which part needs improving, so that you can shoot the arrow at the target. In this case, mapping work process is an urgent thing to do.

Preparation before Mapping Work Processes.

Before the mapping work starts, how to build an effective and efficient team is a lesson you need to learn. It's one of the most important preparation work. You need to determine the number of team members, what's their roles, and how to assign tasks. In addition, you need to plan the time duration, finds the relative sources of information and set the schedule.

How to Map Work Processes?

Mapping means the activity of creating a detailed flowchart of a work process showing its inputs, tasks, and activities, in sequence. It is a great way to present a complex process in a simple to understand manner. Mapping could be simple, but also could be a huge task, which requires a group effort and a long time process. It depends on the drawing content, complexity, and way of drawing. There are some typical maps often used in work processes mapping, including basic flowchart, cross-functional chart, value chain map and stakeholder map. Below are links for detailed mapping guide.

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