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Edraw Max includes some pre-designed list shapes which help people create the professional-look lists easily.

modify list

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The designers can add or delete list item, set rows and change list shape style by clicking the action button.

Block List Shape

The following symbol is a block list shape used to present the business steps.

Block List

Process List Shape

The following symbol is a process list shape with four steps.

Process List

Step List Shape

Below is a step list shape.

step list

Oval Style List Shape

The following list shape has the oval style title on it.

oval style list

Basic List Shape

The following is a basic list shape in Edraw.

Basic List

How to Use List Shape

Most of the List Shapes have floating and/or yellow control handles, enabling flexible adjustment to the shapes. In this way, you can gain more diversified list diagrams with easier operations.

See how capable the floating button is below.

Floating Button of List Shape

Check out the functions of the yellow diamond control button from the following illustration.

Change List Shape

These shapes can be used to create customizable to-do list, shopping list and activity list and so on. They are all for you. And it is all up to you about how to use them.

Application of List Shapes

You can apply these amazing list shapes to create various diagrams, including to-do list, shopping list and ranking list and so on. See some examples below.

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