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To try new things and to learn how to do something, you can take advantage of flowcharts. A flowchart presents the whole process and show you the howto step by step.

Overview of Flowcharts

Flowcharts are easy-to-understand charts that show a process step by step. Their simplicity and visualization make them quite useful for communicating the steps to do something. In your daily life, your work and your study, you can use flowcharts to learn howtos efficiently.

Learn Howtos in Flowcharts - Examples

This section shows the way to learn howtos in flowcharts with some examples. By visualizing the sequence, you can make things easier.

Flowchart Example 1 - How to Prepare for Making Radar Charts

From the above flowchart, you can learn how to prepare for making a radar chart clearly. It emphasizes some steps by asking questions. It can also be used as a great visual tool in training.Radar Chart Steps Flowchart

Flowchart Example 2 - How to Remember Lyrics

You don't have to complain about your bad memory any more. Actually, your method is bad rather than your memory. You can understand and remember things faster with a proper method such as visualization. The following flowchart example summarize the lyric of Hey Jude in a clear and smooth way. You can see which are the common parts and find out the different parts at a glance.

Remember Lyrics Flowchart

Flowchart Example 3 - How to Grow Roses

The following flowchart display how to grow roses step by step. Learning howtos in such simple and clear flowchart is so helpful.

Steps to Grow Roses Flowchart

Flowchart Example 4 - How to Make Zongzi

Cooking is an important part in daily life. To add some new dishes for your families, such as Zongzi, see how to do it in the following flowchart.

Make Zongzi Flowchart

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