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Posted by James Freeman | 03/01/2021
An easy solution for drawing ladder diagrams quickly with premade shapes. Drag and drop functionality supported. Free templates available.

Ladder Diagram

Just as it name replies, ladder diagram is a diagram looking like a ladder. Ladder diagrams are often used in presentation to display the growing process step by step. They are also referred to as ladder chart or growth ladder diagram.

Ladder Diagram Design Objects

Edraw offers a set of high quality 3D objects for designing ladder diagrams. These objects are vector format, editable and connectable, offering more possibilities in diagramming. They are featured by: high quality, scalability, applicability and compatibility. For more details, read Features of Edraw Shapes/Symbols.

 />Block 3D Software Symbols 2 />Block 3D Software Symbols 3

 />Edit 3D Shapes

Besides, various pre-drawn callout shapes are also available. Some callout shapes can even be connected to other shapes so that they stay glued to other shapes even when you move them. See how amazing these callout shapes are in Apply Callout Shape.

How to Draw Ladder Diagram

If you are good at drawing, you can of course choose to create a ladder diagram through hand drawing. If you know nothing about drawing or painting, you can rely on diagramming software like Edraw. It offers many predefined 3D shapes which can be used to design beautiful ladder diagrams. In this way, diagramming becomes superb fast. Only 5 simple steps are needed to make a ladder diagram in Edraw.

  1. Open Edraw and the 3D block diagram stencil.
  2. Drag and drop shapes onto the canvas to form a ladder diagram. Double click shapes to type in your content.
  3. Add some text boxes, shapes or callout shapes for inserting description.
  4. Recolor shapes to distinguish each step/stage.
  5. Save or export the diagram.

Ladder Diagram Templates

Our ladder diagrams are perfect for presentations on business process management, knowledge management, market research and so on. Our collection of ladder diagrams will give you the ability to extend yourself. Their designs and formats can be adjusted to add on extra rungs.

Growth Ladder Diagram Ladder Chart
Ladder Diagram Ladder of Customer Loyalty

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Automatic Infographics Design Software

The above diagrams are all created by Edraw, an all-in-one infographic design tool with predefined symbols. Edraw offers you a variety of diagram makers, and provides infographics examples and libraries of ready-made templates and shapes for quick and simple creation of professional-quality infographics. All templates and examples are editable, printable and for free download. It also supports export of vector graphic multipage documents into multiple file formats: vector graphics (SVG, EMF, EPS), bitmap graphics (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF), web documents (HTML, PDF), PowerPoint presentations (PPT), and Adobe Flash (SWF).

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