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KWL chart are graphic organizers help students organize information; activate prior knowledge; and involves reflection. Having this teaching technique and enhance effectiveness in class.

What is KWL chart?

KWL chart is a three-columned table, with each column titled K,W and L. The letters KWL represents "what I know", "what I want to know" and "what I've learned from this lesson". Teachers use this chart before, during and after a class to help students engage in the learning process. It's especially helpful as a pre-reading strategy when reading expository text and can also be used to assess what students have learned during a unit of study.

How to Use a KWL Chart?

At the Beginning of a Class

Before learning a new topic, teachers always start students thinking about what they already know about it. This will engage students in asking questions about the new content and give them chance to share their questions with each other. Teachers can set students in groups and let them brainstorm and discuss about the topic. When finish, ask a representative to share the information in their group. Sometimes it is appropriate to correct false information at this point in the process. Other times, you might want to leave the misconceptions so that students can correct them on their own as they learn new material. During this process, students can recognize the things they want to learn at the same time and write them down in the second column.

In the Middle of a Class

During the lesson, students can keep track of their learning by seeing the second column - questions left unanswered. Students can also add new questions that appear during the study as they deepen their understanding of the new concept. Mark the questions when they got solved and add them to the third column.

At the End of a Class and After Class

Students summarize all the main points they have learned during this class and put them in the third column. After everything complete, the KWL chart can be used a reusable material helping students review the topic. They can review the questions in column 2, checking off any questions that the can now answer. They can also use KWL charts as a study guide for unit exams.

A KWL Chart Creator

Create a visually attractive KWL chart to increase students' learning interest in class. Unlike traditional chart with simple black color and boring style, Edraw provides a solution for making catchy KWL charts with different styles and colors. There are a great range of pre-made shapes in the library, allowing users to create various graphic organizers effortlessly, such as KWL chart, T chart, five Ws chart, tree chart, step by step chart, and main idea and details chart. With Edraw, teaching material and worksheet will be no longer boring.

KWL Chart Maker

Download a free trial and see first-hand how quickly and easily you can create great-looking web KWL chart.

KWL Chart Templates

KWL Chart Template - Migratory Bird

A ready to use KWL template is provided to reduce your time and efforts in making great KWL charts.

KWL Chart Template - Water Cycle

A KWL chart template is well prepared for users to apply. Download and modify this editable chart for a fast design.

KWL Chart Template - Simple Style

A simple KWL chart is available to download and use in your class.

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