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Drag-and-Drop Infographic Creator - Create Your Own Stunning Infographics

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/25/2021
A professional and powerful infographic creator allows you create different kinds of infographics with no more wasting of time.

Versatile and User-friendly Infographic Creator

This poweful and simple drag-and-drop Infographic Creator Software is one of the best desktop app for you to create, customize and print your own stunning infographics without graphic design skills.

infographic creator

Free download and try this Infographic Creator Tool:

Top Advanced Features of This Infographic Creator

1. Cross-platform supported: compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux system.

2. Various editable symbols: more than 10000 built-in symbols are available for users to create infographics easily.

editable symbols in infographics software

3. Customizable infographics templates & examples: ever-increasing templates & examples allow users to design infographics effortlessly.

examples in infographic creator tool

4. New elements creation supported: enables users to create their own infographics symbols.

create infographic shapes

5. Real-time collaboration & convenient to share: it provides real-time collaboration, you can save infographics to your personal cloud or team cloud;

share infographics

It also supports saving & exporting infographics to different formats such as jpg, png, html, pdf, etc for sharing conveniently.

Export Infographic

6. Competitive price with live update: buy a lifetime license with an affordable price, then you will enjoy a lifetime upgrade guarantee.

Infographics Examples Created by This Infographic Creator

Following are infographics examples created by this Infographic Creator Program, all of them are free to download, edit, print and share.

Medical Equipment Infographics
Architecture Style Infographics
Food Element Infographics
medical equipment infographics
Architecture Style Infographics
Food Element Infographics

Download Awesome Infographic Maker!

Download this awesome infographic maker now and take advantage of all the 10000+ elements, and even more! We will keep updating more elements that users need.