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Here are an abundance of greeting cards for your reference.

Create Nice Greeting Cards from Examples

Creating greeting cards of your own style will be ridiculously easy from now on our diagramming software will add an abundance of greeting cards for different occasions in the new coming version. You can make Christmas, New Year cards, Valentine's Day, Children's Day and Birth Day cards etc. effortlessly.

Greeting Card Types

Greeting Card Software

Preview of Greeting Card Templates

Our greeting card examples are editable and sharable in vector format. Created by professional designers, they are highly artistic and aesthetically beautiful. Here is a preview of some examples. If you like them, just download our new version a few days later.

Greeting Card Template - Birthday

Birthday Card

This is a pink and cute Birthday Card Template. You can write down your wishes in this card for your daughters or girlfriends.

Greeting Card Template - Christmas

Christmas Card Bubble Photo

The above Christmas card supports to insert photos. This template offers you more room for personalized design. Unique greeting cards can represent your own wishes best.

Greeting Card Template - Carnival

Carnival Card Template

In EdrawMax, it takes only 5 minutes or less to create a Carnival Day card like the above one. You can also do it with our built-in Carnival symbols.

Greeting Card Template - Children's Day

Children's Day Card Template

Technology is an indispensable part of people's daily life. This is a vivid technology infographic template with high resolution technology clip art.

Greeting Card Template - Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Card Template

With representative clipart like Leaning Tower, Triumphal Arch and Burj Al Arab Hotel, this is a perfect tourism infographic template. With Edraw Max 8.0, you will be able to create tourism infographics instantly from templates like the above one.

Greeting Card Template - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Card

This is a Chinese New Year card template featured by Red and Gold colors. Chinese people often say 年年有余(sound the same as 鱼- fish) to express new year wish.

Presented above are only a small portion of our new infographic templates. Be sure to view more in our new version. You can have a look at some other newly added templates and examples of Edraw Max 8.0 by clicking the following links.

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