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Start quickly with the cross-functional graphic organizer software and create a concise and efficient graphic organizer with beautiful templates and attractive design elements.

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Available for Mac and Linux. Learn more>>
Available for Windows and Linux. Learn more>>
Available for Windows and Mac. Learn more>>
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Abundant Eye-Catching Templates

Edraw Max is a cross-platform diagramming software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You are allowed to use the built-in templates for free to save time from creating new ones. What's more, you may sparkle inspirations from the templates and customize graphic organizers of your own. With concise and multi-functional UI similar to that of MS Office software, Edraw offers you a quick start in no need of drawing skills.

Graphic Organizer Templates
Graphic organizer symbols

Numerous Attractive Graphic Organizer Symbols

Abundant colors, shapes, icons, symbols, and clip arts make it easy to design an attractive graphic organizer of different usages. Whatever types of graphic organizers you intend to create, Spider chart, T Chart Sequence chart, or Storyboard, you will love delicate separated elements in libraries that this program has prepared.

Easy to Customize

Libraries will not limit your inspirations. You can create a new library of what you need beyond existing elements. Special tools such as pencil tools allow you to draw anything in your mind related to the graphic organizer element by yourself. Create any quick thoughts in your mind freely without constraints to customize your graphic organizers.

Customize a graphic organizer
Graphic organizer example

Professional Graphic Organizer Examples

For users who require graphic organizer examples to gain more inspirations, Edraw Max has provided a series of editable examples available to free download. You can use them as templates to start your design quicker.

Available Graphic Organizer Types

The all-in-one diagraming software contains symbol libraries for different types of graphic organizers. Open one of the templates below will get quick access.

Compare & Contrast
Compare & Contrast
Grid and Matrix
Main Idea & Detail
Sequence Chart
Spider Chart
T Chart

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