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Add some final touches to your workflow diagrams to make them nicer and more professional-looking. Fine tuning workflows becomes extremely easy with powerful functionality.

After you add all shapes and connect them in a workflow diagram,you may need to fine tune the diagram a little bit such as moving the text box,numbering the steps and so on. With EdrawMax, everything becomes as simple as cake.

Refine Workflow Diagrams - Move Text Box

If the text boxes are too close to shapes, the diagram may look too cramped. The text boxes of Edraw workflow shapes are positioned under shapes, with yellow control handles. You can move the text box.

  • Select the shape and the yellow control handle will show. -> Drag it to the position you want to place the shape. When the control handle is being dragged, it turns orange.
  • Move Text Box

    Move Text Box

    If the yellow control handle is overlapped with the shape's action button, you can deactivate the action button. Go to View tab, uncheck Action Button.

    Uncheck Action Button

    Fine Tune Workflow Diagrams - Resize Text Box

    The short cut to resize text box is to press Ctrl + 2 and then click the text. This operation turns the select handles into purple and the pointer into cross shape. Drag the purple selection handles to resize the text box.

    Resize Text Box

    Improve Workflow Diagrams - Highlight Text

    Sometimes, the text and connector are overlapped so the text may become blurry as a result. To deal with this problem, highlight the text. Under Home tab, in the Font group, click the drop down menu of Text Highlight Color.

    Highlight Text

    Improve Workflow Diagrams - Number Steps

    You can find Number symbol in the Symbols library in Illustrations group. After you open this library, drag one symbol towards each shape. When the connection points turn red (showing they are already connected), release the mouse. Double click the symbols to enter right numbers.

    Connect Symbol with Shape Enter Number Number Step

    Improve Workflow Diagrams - Enlarge Connectors

    The connectors are thin by default; you can choose to enlarge them so that they become more visible.

  • Right click on the blank area of the canvas. -> Choose Select All Connectors. -> Go to Line tool on Home tab. -> Move the pointer over Weight. -> Move to the right and select a suitable line weight.
  • Select All Connectors

    Enlarge Connectors

    Workflow Diagrams Examples

    See some well-designed workflow diagram examples below. You can download them for free and make them your own.

    Scanning Service Workflow SEO Workflow Material Management Workflow
    Scanning Service Workflow SEO Workflow Material Management Workflow
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