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An example 7S Model, describing how to effectively organize a company to increase your chance of organizational success.

7S Models

The 7S is short for strategy, structure, systems, staff, style, skills and shared values. This is a strategic management See what each element is about in the following explanation.

Strategy - Plans developed by a company to achieve sustained competitive advantage, successfully compete in the market and reach identified goals. It involves environment, competition and customers.

Structure - The organizational chart of the firm. In other words, structure is the way the organization's units relate to each other. It is also one of the most visible and easy to change elements of the framework.

Systems - The procedures, processes and routines that characterize how important work is to be done: financial, promotion and performance appraisal systems and information system.

Staff - Type and number of employees and how they are recruited, trained, motivated and rewarded.

Style - The way the company is managed by top-level managers, how they interact, what actions do they take and their symbolic value. In other words, style is how key managers behave to achieve objectives.

Skills - The dominant distinctive abilities and competencies of the personnel or of the organization as a whole.

Shared values - Beliefs, mindsets, and assumptions that shape how an organization behaves.

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Here is another 7S Model example.

Mickinsey 7S Model

Please click these 2 links to download the example: PDF Format, EDDX Fprmat.

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