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An easy education diagram maker that helps make education diagrams with free templates. Quickly and easily create education diagrams in minutes.

Education Diagram Maker

Discover why Edraw is the simplest and easiest, yet most powerful education diagram maker: Download it Now.

Simple Education Diagram Maker - Make Great-looking Education Diagram

Edraw education diagram maker is a versatile program to facilitate both teaching and learning. Edraw members are dedicated to providing education graphing solutions that are best of breed. We have embedded many symbols and examples in the software for the good of teachers who need to visualize complex ideas by diagrams. Thus, teachers just need to spend a little time on diagramming while focus on organizing and imparting knowledge. As for students, they can be more independent in learning by using this application which will boost their interests for its rich features like automatic generation, hyperlink, in-built themes and clipart.

Education Diagram Symbols

Here are an overwhelming abundance of symbols for education diagrams design. You can use these education symbols to create visualized diagrams covering various subjects.

science illustrations

K-12 Basic Education Examples

A K-12 basic education template will make drawing easy and fast.

K-12 Education Program Examples

K 12 Education Program Examples

Click the right hyperlinked picture to download this well prepared K-12 template, and experience the world of visual communication.

How Science Works

Exploration and Discovery

The right diagram show how science works from 3 perspectives. Click the picture to view large version and download it for free.

Water Cycle Diagram

Water Cycle

This diagram shows the water cycle visually. You can change the color, font and line style with 1 click through the themes.

Story Board


Presented is a story board template. It helps kids to summarize or retell a story more logically. You can let your kids design such kind of study aids with our simple diagram maker.

Learn New Words

Learning a New Word

Learning new words become fun with visual diagrams like the right one. Visual presentation of the word's meaning, synonyms and sentences help students understand it better.
Click here to view some vocabulary learning flash cards.

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