Activate Edraw Software without Internet

If your computer has not the internet connection, you can still activate Edraw software manually with the following steps.

1. Click "Register" button in the Help menu. You can do this at any time during the trial period, or even after the trial has expired.

start to register edraw

2. In the Pop-up dialog box, fill in your "License Code", then click the "Activate" button.

enter your license name and license code

3. Wait less than half a minute. You will receive the following message box.

activate failed

4. Click the hyperlink in the pop up message box. Then save the url in your internet explore.

navigate URL

5. Visit the same URL in another comuter with the internet connection. You can find the Activation Code.

get activate code

6. Use the Activateion Code to activate Edraw manually.

activate manually

How to Activate Edraw Program If You have Internet Connection

How to Install Edraw Program If You Failed to Activate it

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