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Edraw Mind Map is an easy mind map software with rich examples and templates which make it easy to create mind maps, brain-storming diagrams, project timeline, life planner, SWOT analysis and sketch maps. Through this mind mapping software, you can visualize your thinking and quickly arrange and organize your work before taking action, all to benefit you as well as people around you.


    Clarify Thinking

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    Edraw can easily conceptualize your visualization on computer and organize your work. It helps you pull all ideas and assets together to organize them in logical structure, then to steer clear of irrelevant information and recognize the critical. Finally, you can better evaluate the profit, cost and risk for better decisions.

    Arouse Interests

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    People often lose interest when facing piles of materials with only text which are boring and rigid. So having fun is the best way to arouse one's interest. Edraw mind map software is a fun way to learn, teach, report and design and so forth. It converts thousands of words or tons of complicated concepts into a single visual graph which is vivid and immersive. By involving themselves in the process, students can learn more interestingly and effectively than just listening and memorizing.

    Boost Individual Brainstorming

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    It is recommended to "look before you leap". Our Mind Map software facilitates easy and fast generation of ideas by drawing quickly on unlined paper without pausing, judging or editing. All of these features promote linear thinking. The idea of mind mapping is to in a non-linear manner. It is important to get every possibility into the mind map. Sometimes it is one of those obscure possibilities that may become the key to your knowledge of a topic.

    Unlock Creativity

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    In this highly competitive society, creativity is highly valued. It is not about waiting for inspiration; it is about figure out creativity as soon as possible. Our mind map program helps you think creatively by identifying the relationships, patterns, and trends after analyzing all ideas. More than 6000 vector symbols, various shapes and diverse templates and examples will definitely facilitate your creative work.

    Increase Productivity

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    When the clock is ticking, high productivity is vital to ensure success. Edraw helps to enhance efficiency in 3 methods. 1. Visual analytics empowers you to immediately see the effect of changes to budgets, forecasts, and business plans. 2. Quick-start mind map templates save tons of hours in both processes of learning how to use the software and drawing. 3. New tools simplify teamwork, enabling your team to collaborate easily by sharing the documents in different formats. Since every minute is counted, we spare no effort to help you save every minute possible.


    Our Customers Love Edraw Mind Map and You Will, Too

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    1. Fun to Use
    2. Edraw Mind Map offers an impressive selection of features while still being accessible--and dare I say it--fun to use. I enjoy organization, especially when it comes to idea management, so this software represents a very powerful tool for my planning and brainstorming processes.
    3. Anthony Fusco
    1. Great Software for Mindmap
    2. It is easy to use and it also has a variety of colors and shapes to choose from, clear and quick. I think this software combines something from Microsoft Word, which is genius, and it turns out really powerful.