Massive Free Templates
Templates let you go fast. Get inspired and start your design quickly by choosing from thousands of our professionally designed templates.
Import & Export
Powerful file compatibility allows you to import Visio files or export your drawings to a variety of familiar file formats, such as Visio, PDF, Word, PPT, JPEG, Html, etc.
Extensive Amount of Symbols
Find symbols, icons and shapes to fit any purpose from over 50000 vector built-in graphics. Easy to further edit the symbols upon your needs.
Enable You to Work Faster
Smart and dynamic toolkits allow you to customize every detail with flexible choices at fast speed. Helps to increase your productivity at work.
Visualize Your Ideas in the Most Impressive Way
Make your messages alive through diagrams and graphics
Edraw Max Overview
Share Your Designs Anytime, Anywhere
Based on cloud storage, Edraw Max lets you view its work on any device and share anywhere through Html links
Share Diagrams with Edraw Max
One Diagram Tool for All Purposes
Provides all visualization solutions, from diagram drawing, graphic design, to data visualization. Widely used in business, education, and social organizations
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Our Customers Love Edraw Max
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Amy "The libraries appear fairly extensive. Some of the items I have had to create in Photoshop myself to use in PowerPoint in the past and now I like the availability and creativity at your fingertips with the drag and drop."
Thomas "I started using it as a trial for one day, at the second day i was convinced that it was worth the investment over other software. Really easy to use and loads of cool features."
Andrew "I bought EdrawMax in 2012 and 4 years later turns out that Edraw has a Linux version and my activation code moved from Windows to Linux without so much as a blip. This is an excellent diagramming program and a fine company. Thanks!"
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