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Create a Spider Chart

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 11/18/2019
A spider chart is a graphical method of displaying multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional chart of variables represented on axes starting from the same point.

A spider chart, also known as a radar chart or a star chart because of its appearance, plots the values of each category along a separate axis that starts in the center of the chart and ends on the outer ring.

Spider Chart

Video Tutorial - Create a Spider Chart

The Application of Spider Chart

The "spider chart" can be a format commonly used by management consultants to show their clients how an organization compares with those in similar companies. It also can be used as the control of quality improvement to display the performance metrics of any ongoing program. Furthermore, it is also being used in sports to chart players' strengths and weaknesses. So far as we can see, the spider has a broad application area.

How to Make a Spider Chart

Spider chart is very useful and important for us, but how should we create a spider chart? The following procedures will show clearly how to create a spider chart even without any drawing experience.

To select a spider shape you like in the library which is on the left canvas.

Select Spider Shape

Drag and drop the spider shape you have chosen. Move the mouse and find the floating button on the upper right of the diagram. Choose the option "Load Data from File" to load your data.

Load Data File

The arrangement of your data file (text (.txt) file) should be like the example below. Tips: Edraw also supports csv file, text and csv file exported by Excel. If you installed Office Excel, Edraw can load xls and xlsx file.

Data Arrangement Example

Double click the option "Set Series Number" from the floating button. Then a small window like the picture below will appear. Type the number you need, then you click "OK".

Change Series Number

Repeat the above step to set the axis numbers, ring numbers, max value, etc.

Before mind maps were invented by Tony Buzan, spider diagrams would have been the closest thing to them. Sometimes it can be a bit of a job to create a whole mind map with all the color and jazz if you just want to brainstorm some ideas, and that is where you use spider maps.

Create Spider Charts from Templates

We offer some great spider chart templates so that you can get started in the fastest way.

Performance Appraisal Spider Chart
Score Analysis Radar Chart
Software Comparison Spider
Performance Appraisal
Spider Chart
Score Analysis
Radar Chart
Software Comparison
Radar Chart

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