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Create Organization Chart by Importing Data

> Edraw How-To > Create Organization Chart by Importing Data
Posted by Allison Lynch | 06/25/2021
Create an electronic org chart by importing existing data from Excel. Automatic layout. No need to type. Modify it anytime. Always keep it up to date. Definitely the easiest and fastest solution to gain an organization chart.

org chart Example

It takes about 10 minutes to create a nice and neat organization chart like the above one in Edraw. See how easy it is in the following tutorial.

Download Organizational Chart Software and View Examples

Step 1 Prepare Data

Prepare your data according to the following example. To gain an standard organization chart, your Excel worksheet should include the column of ReportsTo.

org chart data

Download Simple Data File Sample (csv, xls, txt)

A reports to B means A is B's subordinate. In the IsAssistant column, 0 means not 1 means yes. Linda Stares is Michael, the CEO's assistant.

Step 2 Import Data

Firstly, you need to open a drawing page. Start Edraw. -> Choose Organizational Chart in the Available Templates list. -> Double click the icon of Organization Chart.

Secondly, import your data. Click Org Chart tab. -> In the Org Data group, click Import. -> Locate your data file and then select it. -> Click Next to continue.

import organization chart data

Thirdly, set data field and display options. Display on shape determines what categories will be shown in each shape of the org chart. Edraw shows Name, Title and Department by default. You can choose to show more data by clicking the checkboxes. -> Click Finish to complete data import.

Organization Chart Display

Step 3 Polish Organization Chart

Click Relayout Relayout Organization Chart to align and distribute the shapes evenly.

Relayout Organization Chart

You can refine and polish the chart by clicking Display Options.

Set Organization Chart Display

  1. Choose to show photo or not.
  2. Resize shapes by entering new width and height value.
  3. Choose different font colors for different categories.
  4. Move each category up or down .
  5. Apply the changes to selected shapes or pages.

org chart display

To insert photos, select one shape, click Change Photo on Org Chart tab.

To change shape style, select one or several shapes, apply a quick style under Home tab.

Format Organization Chart

Step 4 Save or Print Organization Chart

Save the organization chart under File tab. Choose Export & Send to convert the chart into other formats.

To print the chart, follow these simple steps. Click Print. -> Click More Print Setup...-> Choose Fit to. (Fit to 1 x 1 sheet means the chart will be printed on 1 paper.) -> Hit on OK.

If your data file doesn't conform to the required format, you can also convert it into a professional org chart. Click this link to see how to do it.

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Organizational Chart Examples

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