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Dendrogram is the visual representation of arrangement of the clusters. Learn how to create dendrogram in a few steps.

A dendrogram looks like a tree chart. It is composed of an X-Y axis and several clusters. The vertical axis is labelled distance and refers to the distance between clusters. The horizontal axis represents the numbers of objects.

Steps to Create Dendrogram

Step 1: Download dendrogram template and open it.

Click the following image to download Dendrogram Template, and open with Edraw.

dendrogram template

Step 2: Edit the X-Y Axis

Click on the axis, you will see a floating button on the top right corner. Hit on the button to open the context menu.

  • Set the Y-axis max value. Choose the "Set Max and Min Value" option.
    set max value of dendrogram
  • Set X-axis and Y-axis tick number, click the "Appearance Options", and from the pop-up dialogue, change the tick numbers.
    set dendrogram axis tick number
  • Double click on the number label to edit numbers on X-axis.
    Edit cluster object numbers of dendrogram

Step 3: Edit the Clusters

All the clusters can be edited on the length, position, etc. You can use the clusters on the template. You can also drag new cluster from the Connector library in Edraw.

drag cluster

Drag the yellow handles to change the length of each cluster.

edit cluster length

Draw the clusters one by one. Start from the bottom and joint one another until the top.

make all clusters

Go to the line setting button to set the line width, colors, etc.

edit line colors

After everything is done, go to the File menu to save the document or export to PDF, PNG, Word and many different formats.

Export Dendrogram

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