The Ultimate Guide to Making a Comparison Chart

One of the most common questions that we get from users is, "How did you create the comparison chart like your examples?" Here we offer a better answer, with detailed instruction about the creation steps.

Why to Compare

If you are searching for something to buy, a comparison chart offers information about different options, comparing their pros and cons in regard to prices, reviews, features and so on. In this visual way, you can find your favorite option easily.

If you are sellers, you are much more likely to convert browsers into buyers by posting such shopping comparison chart with little or even no cost. The prerequisite is that you can provide all the detailed information they need so that they can do analysis and know your offers well.

Video Tutorial - How to Create a Comparison Chart

Basic Comparison Chart Knowledge

How to Prepare

Research and collect your data so that you clearly know what to compare. Items to be compared should be held to similar standards. Select the top products to review. The readers will not trust companies that are not recommending best products. The next step is to find out what features to compare.

Using the Best tool - Edraw to Create a Comparison Chart

Choose a Comparison Table

The comparison chart stencil is put in the Chart category. Its template icon is located in the last one. There are 6 comparison chart shapes in the library. Based on your need, choose a suitable one. Drag it onto the canvas. Here is what the template icon looks like:
Comparison Chart Icon

Configure Comparison Chart

Calculate how many perspectives you will compare. Click the floating action button to:

  • Add/delete a row/column.
  • Set row/column number directly by entering figure in the Edit Box.
  • Hide title bar/the first block of title bar.
  • Floating Button

    Adjust Comparison Chart's Size

  • Click the chart area to select the whole shape. A green box with green square control dots show.
  • Drag these points to change the shape's overall size.
  • Drag the yellow diamond handle to change title height.
  • Click twice on the title block to change its color.
  • To change column width, select column sub shape and drag the blue square control points.
  • Change Height Select Subshape

    Enter Text

    Double click each cell to type in your information.

    Color Your Chart

    Items being compared had better be visually distinctive from each other in different colors. This helps readers to contrast different data at a single glance.

    Comparison Chart Example

    Use this comparison chart example to compare the phone price and quality, which is as plain as daylight so that you can choose your desired type at once.

    Principles on Presenting Data in Charts

    Create Charts by Importing Data

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