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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
With business form maker you can draw business card, fax cover, flyer, invoice, sales form, etc.

Business forms include business card, fax cover, flyer, invoice and sales forms. Making business forms quickly and correctly will greatly improve your working efficiency and accelerate the pace of your work.

Steps to Create Business Diagram

First, open Edraw Max, then point to "New", then choose "Form". As you can clearly see that there are lots of business form templates in Edraw Max. Although it is quite convenient to use business forms to visually display data and information, drawing business forms by hand is kind of difficult. No worries, let me show you how to make business forms with the help of business form maker.

Find Business Form

When you click the business form templates, you may find that there are examples at the lower part of the software. Double click the example, then you will open it. You may customize and edit the example as you like, which will definitely save you plenty of time.

Create Business Card

You may drag and drop the business card shapes you like from the library which is on the left of the canvas. Select the business card shape you have chosen on the drawing page, you may find that the "context tool" which is on the upper left of software appear automatically.

Business Form Context Tools

There are a lot of options on the context tool just as the picture above shows. For example, if you want to insert a row above, you may select the current row and click " Insert Above" option, then a blank row will appear immediately.

Insert A Row Above

Of course, you can also insert or delete columns, insert or delete rows. Notes: if you want to merge cells, please select all the cells you want merge and click "Merge Cells". Also, you may split cells if you like via clicking "Splitting Cells".

Create Fax Cover

Designing a beautiful fax cover is of great importance when communicating with others via fax. In some sense, it is a way to show our respect for others. First thing first, drag and drop the shape you want from "Forms" in the library which is on the left of the canvas.

Create Fax Cover

To make a simple fax cover, you can drag and drop a "Company Address" shape and "Information Box" on the drawing page. Edit the shapes to better suit your needs.

Company Address Fax Cover

Information Box Fax Cover

Notes: you may just use our ready-made fax cover templates and edit them according to your own needs.

Create Flyer

Just as creating fax cover, you may just use the ready-made flyer examples in the software and edit them as you like. Double click the example you like and then you can open it.

Design Flyer

When you open the flyer examples, you may notice that there are lots of shapes on the left. Moreover, you may open other shapes in the libraries to help your drawing.

Flyer Example

Create Invoice & Sales Form

You may double click the invoice and sales form examples from software, so you can quickly make invoice and sale forms in minutes. Your improving efficiency and ability will be good assistants for your future success.

When you edit the shape in the example, select it, right click it and a small window will appear.

Create Invoice Form

Choose the option "Shape Format" another small window will appear.

Create Sales Form

There are lots of options for you to make your diagram much more attractive. Learn how to create a check sheet.

Make Your Own Business Card Instantly

How to Create Invoice

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