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Why Edraw is Better than Lucidchart?

> Edraw Knowledge > Why Edraw is Better than Lucidchart?
Posted by James Freeman | 01/12/2022
Edraw is professional in making hundreds of diagrams in a way faster and easier than Lucidchart does. Anyone who has tried the two will definitely choose Edraw, because it saves you time and produces better results.
  1. Edraw is easier to learn as the interface is similar to Microsoft Programs. As long as you can use a Microsoft Word, you can handle Edraw.
  2. Once installed, you can use it at anytime, regardless of internet connection.
  3. Edraw works faster and runs smoothly all the time.
  4. You don't have to wait for loading symbols.
  5. It contains larger amount of symbols which cover the most needed elements.
  6. It connects shapes automatically and saves your time. With Lucidchart, you need to connect shapes on your own.
  7. When you add, delete or move shapes, everything around realigns automatically.
  8. It has quick buttons to help you align and distribute shapes fast.
  9. You don't have to login your user name and password to get started each time.
  10. 200+ drawing types available, capable in versatile diagram designs.
  11. Thousands of templates are provided for quick start.
  12. It's fully integrated to Microsoft Office; you can add its drawings to Microsoft documents or export to Microsoft files.
  13. Edraw makes exporting diagrams easier than Lucidchart.
  14. Edraw is much cheaper than Lucidchart. Through a one-time payment you can own it forever.
  15. Edraw is safer to use as it works behind the firewall.

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