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See what are the benefits of visual communication. Free download some visual diagram examples.

Overview of Visual Communication

Visual communication is the delivery of message through the use of visual elements, such as charts and graphs, clip art and electronic images, to convey ideas and information to audience.

Visual Communication

Visual communication plays an important role in our daily life. Advertisement, teaching and learning, presentation and SEO and so on all involve visual communication to some extent.

If carried out properly, visual communication has various benefits. In the information era and fast-paced society in which time is limited, visual communication help to communicate ideas faster and better. Generally speaking, it offers these benefits: instant conveyance, ease of understanding, cross-cultural communication and generation of enjoyment.

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Benefits of Visual Communication

Efficient - Instant Conveyance

Compared with verbal communication, visual communication prevails in the efficiency of communication. For example, a bar chart helps the audience find out the first and last item at a glance. A line chart on sales with an uprising arrow tells readers immediately that the sales trend is increasing and favorable.

Easy - Ease of Understanding

One of the primary advantage visual communication offers is simplicity. For example, when you get lost, you can find the place easier and faster by looking at a visual map and a 3D directional map will be much better.

Flexible - Cross-cultural Communication

Just think about the cross-cultural communication, when people cannot understand foreign language, a symbol or a picture will remove the language obstacles. This is the reason that many public places use signs in addition to words to send message. Visual charts and graphics can be posted online, put beside the highway and stacked on anywhere audible. Such flexible communication form can bridge geographic distance and cross cultural differences.

Enjoyable - Generation of Enjoyment

Visual materials are relatively more eye-pleasing. If highly artistic, it brings aesthetic enjoyment. When presenting an amazing shot, it makes people relaxed. A funny picture makes people laugh and will help people memorize the information better.

Diagram Examples of Visual Communication

Healthy Diet Richest Countries Chart World  Data Map
Healthy Diet Top 10 Richest Countries World Data Map
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