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Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a cinematic neo-noir game that was developed by Quantic Dream and was released in May 2018, originally for Sony PlayStation 4, and then eventually for Microsoft Windows too, first on Epic Games Store in 2019 and for a broader reach on Steam store in mid-2020

The video game has a somewhat dystopian setting and is set in the city of Detroit during the year 2038. The invention and adoption of androids has rejuvenated the city into daily life. But sometimes, technological advancements can bring great danger and threat. This is what happens when the androids start behaving unusual and as if they are superior, resulting in a series of events where things spin out of control.

At this point, three playable characters are introduced into the game, namely Kara, Connor, and Markus, each having different and unique abilities, motivations, and perspectives as they face themselves and question their own values. These three characters are androids that will be present during the whole journey of your ‘special cause’ and at the points where you will have to make important decisions throughout the emotional journey. These decisions of each character will eventually affect and define what will happen next in the game.

This article will help you understand the characters, their objectives, and the whole scenario of this amazing and engaging video game. Read further to know the characters and walk through the different chapters that include action-packed gameplay through immersive Detroit: Become Human flowcharts.




Kara is an android, part of the AX-400 line of androids that are programmed to do household chores and look after children. She works as a domestic servant for Todd Williams, who is a taxi driver. Todd Williams hates androids, and Kara often suffers abuse at his hands. She is very often introduced in situations where she has to intervene when Todd Williams is abusing his daughter. Each time, she is powered off, packed, and returned to the factory, where her memory is erased so she can return to the household and start a new life once again.



The second playable character in Detroit: Become Human is Markus, an RK200 model prototype android given to Carl Manfred, a painter, to assist him after an accident left him paralyzed. He joins a group of rebel androids after escaping his master, who are recklessly determined to ignite an android revolution to change the way androids are treated in society. He performs regular missions to save androids from being sold, targeting markets, manufacturing plants, and whatnot.



Connor is the third and final playable character in this video game. He is an RK800 Android, laced with exceptional scanning capabilities to reconstruct events from the past. He is exclusively designed to trace and hunt down the rebel androids, making him a part of a special task force. He uses his ability to compile pieces of information from a crime scene, assisting his boss and detective Hank Anderson. He is quite advanced technologically as compared to his other android counterparts.

100% Complete Chapter Flowcharts

1. Hostage


2. Shades of Color

Shades of Color

3. A New Home

A New Home

4. The Painter

The Painter

5. Partners


6. Stormy Night

Stormy Night

7. Broken


8. The Interrogation

The Interrogation

9. Fugitives


10. From the Dead

From the Dead

11. Waiting for Hank

Waiting for Hank

12. On the run

On the run

13. Jericho


14. The Nest

The Nest

15. Time to Decide

Time to Decide

16. Zlatko


17. Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

18. Spare Parts

Spare Parts

19. The Eden Club

The Eden Club

20. The Pirates Cove

The Pirates Cove

21. The Bridge

The Bridge

22. The Stratford Tower

The Stratford Tower

23. Public Enemy

Public Enemy

24. Midnight Train

Midnight Train

25. Capitol Park

Capitol Park

26. Meet Kamski

Meet Kamski

27. Freedom March

Freedom March

28. Last Chance, Connor

Last Chance, Connor

29. Crossroads




30. Night of the Soul

Night of the Soul

31. Battle of Detriot

Battle of Detriot

Battle of Detriot

Battle of Detriot

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