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An easy-to-use human anatomy diagram software with extensive predefined vector human organ symbols helps users create excellent anatomy diagrams in minutes.

Human Anatomy Diagram Software

When learning human anatomy, students are bound to use human anatomy diagram to help recognize each part. Although there are many anatomy diagram resources available on the internet, sometimes it's still difficult to find a perfect one to match some specific requirements. Therefore, a flexible human anatomy diagram drawing software will be very useful to help make custom human anatomy diagrams.

With extensive pre-made vector human organs symbols, you don't have to draw everything by yourself. Simply drag and drop existing shapes from the library to the canvas. You can add lines and definitions through callout library. Through only a few minutes you can finish a good-looking anatomy diagram, really fast and effective. It's a perfect tool for making teaching materials, presentation slides, student worksheets, quizzes and book illustrations.

Human Anatomy Diagram Software

Human Organs Library

There are plenty of human organs symbols available for you to choose, including eye, nose, ear, oral, throat, ear, arm, leg, foot, teeth, tooth decay, stomach, kidney, liver, lung, heart, uterus, fetus, intestines, brain, needle, skull, spine, rib cage, hip bone, bones of hand, etc.

Human Organs Diagram Symbols

How to Create an Anatomy Diagram

  1. Open Edraw.
  2. Choose Science category under Available Templates. Double click the icon of Human Organs in the Templates window.
  3. From the opened Human Organs Library on the left of the canvas, drag and drop the necessary symbols.
  4. Select the shape, and drag control handles to resize it.
  5. From the Callouts Library, drag and drop suitable callout on your diagram, and double click the sample text to add your own text.

An Anatomy Diagram Example

Below is a simple anatomy diagram example which shows the oral anatomy and lung anatomy. Clip the picture to download the original file.

Human Organs Templates

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