Agile VS Waterfall: A Complete Comparison

With many project management software swarming the Internet, Agile and Waterfall methodologies are the most popular methods. However, they can be confusing at times and hence we try to straighten them up in detail.


The Agile methodology is a project management tool in which the project team manages the project by dividing it into several stages. It involves constant collaboration with the stakeholders and non-stop improvement and iteration at every step.

The Waterfall methodology is a kind of model that breaks down project activities into systematic linear sequences; hence, it's also called the linear-sequential life cycle model. In this methodology, the subsequent phases rely on the deliverables of the previous one and correspond to the specialization of tasks.

Agile model and Waterfall model

Similarities Between Agile and Waterfall

Before delving into what sets Agile and Waterfall apart from each other, there is a list of what they have in common below.

Differences Between Agile and Waterfall

Agile and Waterfall comparision list

The Comparison between Agile and Waterfall

Next, we'll see what makes these methodologies unique and their pros and cons.


a) What makes it stand out?

Agile is a project management tool that majors on collaboration, adaptive planning, and continuous improvement. It has precise principles such as:

b) Pros of Agile

c) Cons of Agile

d) Agile example

Scrum is a famous and widely-used example of Agile methodology.

Agile methodology


a) What makes Waterfall stand out?

It has the following features:

b) Pros of Waterfall

c) Cons of Waterfall

d) Waterfall example

A common Waterfall model example is the Software Engineering model.

Waterfall methodology

Agile VS Waterfall: Which one should you use?

Before adopting Agile or Waterfall, it is wise to consider factors such as:

  1. Project requirements and regulations. Does the project consist of precise regulatory requirements without any future changes? Yes: choose Waterfall. No: use Agile.
  2. Stringent organizational processes. Does the firm have strict project processes that one must follow them? Yes: use Waterfall. No: use Agile.
  3. Client participation in project progresses. Do clients require an update of the project process frequently? Yes: choose Agile. No: select Waterfall.
  4. Nature of the project. Is it an already existing product that requires some upgrading? Yes: use Waterfall. No: choose Agile.
  5. Time scope of the project. Is the project deadline set and cannot be altered in any situation? Is the period short? Yes: use Waterfall. No: use Agile.
  6. Budget of the project. Is it already drawn up and inflexible? Yes: use Waterfall. No: use Agile.

Now, is there a way that you can use these two development methodologies to work on a single project? Yes, and you can find out the answer in the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid example below.

To deliver a solution in a way that wisely utilizes time, team members, and other resources to meet the demands of the customers, Edraw Max, a multi-management platform, provides the hybrid Agile-Waterfall method example.

They achieve this by:

  1. Gathering and filing all project requirements up first and foremost.
  2. Designing the project model.
  3. Going into the development phase of a software or product.
  4. Testing the product when the development is complete.
  5. Receiving feedback on what has been created up to this particular project stage.
  6. Making changes according to the feedback until a perfect output is realized.
  7. Deploying the product and getting the final outcome.

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid example


In this article, we have looked at Waterfall methodology and Agile methodology. The table displays the differences and similarities between these two methodologies at a glance.

Also, the article gives you a guideline on getting the appropriate project software based on the nature of the project.

Finally, you can use Waterfall methodology and Agile methodology to achieve an exceptional output of your project called the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid method.

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