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Concept Mapping Software

Free but easy-to-use concept mapping software helps you create professional-looking concept maps immediately.

Concept Mapping Software

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Edraw software will assist you in drawing your concept mapping with minimal effort and makes it very easy for beginners. Built-in shapes and smart connector tools present the concepts and relationship faster and work smarter.

Basic Functionalities of Concept Mapping Software

  1. Creating nodes of concepts or propositions
  2. Supports link to website, link to nodes, link to text.
  3. Links can add text.
  4. Formatting nodes, links and labels
  5. Toggling between map and outline modes
  6. A document can have multiple pages
  7. Lots of pre-designed callouts
  8. Exporting a concept map as an image, pdf, word, svg and ppt.
  9. Spelling check
  10. Slideshow play mode

Concept Mapping Examples

The following are some concept mapping examples created by Edraw max.

Concept Map Template
concept map template Concept Map Mind Map
Concept Map Mind Map
Observation ChartObservation Chart
Spider Diagram E-Chart
Spider Diagram E-Chart

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