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To boost your communication, choose the appropriate forms of visual communication according to your information, audience and presentation equipment.

What is Visual Communication

Visual communication is the communication that relies on vision. As another type of communication with verbal and nonverbal communication, it takes place with the aid of visual elements.

Forms of Visual Communication

There are many forms of visual communication. To choose a proper form of visual communication, you need to think about the background of your audience, your communication purpose, the nature of your statistics and so on. See some of the commonly used visual communication presentation forms.

Visual Communication Form - Public Signs

A sign is a mark or shape that always has a particular meaning, for example, in mathematics or music. We can see many public signs that play an important role in our daily life. Their advantages lie in the cross-cultural communication which is not limited by language barrier. See some examples below.

Public Signs

How to Design Road Signs

100+ Infographic Road Signs for Roadway Use

Visual Communication Form - Visual Symbols

Visual symbols are used from long ago. For example, pigeon, heart and gold are used as the symbol of peace, love and wealth respectively.

Visual Symbols

Visual Communication - Chart and Graph

This form is very perfect for data analysis. It includes many types such as bar, column, pie and doughnut chart. To analyze your figures more effectively, you can combine them together. See an example below.


Visual Communication - Table

Table is suitable for classifying numbers. It is one primary form to structure and communicate quantitative data.

visual-communication - Table

Visual Communication - Map

A map can represent a place vividly. Paper maps are portable and can be carried around easily. Online maps are gaining increasing popularity. For example Google Map, a reliable mapping service, provides useful location information. Check out some amazing slides made with vector maps provided by Edraw.

World Data Map

Visual Communication - Other Diagrams

Listed above are only a small part of visual communication forms. Other forms include flowchart, org chart, mind map and so on.

Software Service Cross-Functional Process Company Org Chart Self Analysis
Flowchart Example Org Chart Example Mind Map Example

More Examples of Visual Communication

Healthy Diet Richest Countries Chart Tourist Attractions Map
Pie Chart Example Column Chart Example Map Example


In a word, there are many effective forms of visual communication. Present your message in the most appropriate method will better ensure effective communication.

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