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Posted by James Freeman | 11/29/2019
Edraw Max is Visio compatible. Now you can import the Visio XML files to Edraw format.

The compatibility is symbolic level so you can edit all the lines, colors and text later.

How to Import Visio XML Files

Firstly, make sure you have Edraw Max V7.x.

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Find Why Edraw is the Best Visio Alternative

Note: If you don't have the Visio XML file (.vdx), you can open the .vdd file in Visio, and save it to a Visio XML file.

Some Examples of Visio Files In Edraw

Visio Frame Diagram

Visio Charts

Visio Mind Map

Visio Mind Map

Visio Basic Network Diagram

Visio Network Diagram

Visio Rack Diagram

Visio Rack

Visio UML Diagram

Visio UML Diagram

Visio UI Design

Visio UI Design

Visio Calendar

Visio Calendar

5 Reasons to Choose Edraw Instead of Visio

Edraw Max is a friendly and economical alternative to Visio. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Edraw Max:

1. Edraw Max is better for average business users
Although Visio is a powerful product, it is best suited to technical experts. It can be overwhelming for the average business user who wants to draw presentation-quality diagrams without having to learn a complex program. Edraw Max provides Visio drawing power while remaining easy enough for anyone to use.

2. Edraw Max is fully integrated with Microsoft Office
Like Visio, Edraw Max is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and other standard desktop software. Adding Edraw Max drawings to Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or other Office documents is as simple as Copy and Paste.

3.Easier to Learn and Use. Small and Exquisite
Drawing does not need to start anew. Just drag the ready-made shapes from the library pane and drop them on your page. Drawing couldn't be easier! Provide pre-defined color schemes and styles.

4. Edraw Max is more affordable than Visio
Edraw Max requires only a fraction of the cost of Visio, and our licensing plan is more flexible. There are no "software assurance" fees required to get upgrade pricing in future years. Your license is perpetual and you are assured of upgrade pricing for future releases.

5. Edraw Max provides better support than Microsoft Visio
Edraw Max's standard tech support is both legendary and free! You deal directly with experts, not someone reading you answers from a knowledgebase. Recognized by Deloitte and Touch as one of America's fastest growing companies, Edraw Max is a dependable business partner that has been setting the standard in software support for more than 10 years.

User Reviews

"Your Edraw Max program is outstanding! 1. It uses the Windows XP user interface. It looks great! 2. Fast with a small footprint! 3. Has the right features! 4. Priced right. I hope you keep the promotional price. Home users and students cannot afford software like Visio."

"Thank you for a simple-to-use drawing program! I am an engineer and have been beaten to death by Visio. With Edraw Max, I was able to finish a report on time and I got praise from my boss for the illustrations."

"Thank you for your support. I can't tell you how often I marvel at the amount of work and skill that must have gone into this product. It's very impressive piece of programming."

"What great value for money! If flowcharting is the only thing you plan to use it for, Visio might be a little overkill. If you want to use it for other things too, it will be better value for money. Visio is too expensive for my taste. Now I've found my flowcharting software. I just want to write and say Edraw Max is great value for money and so very easy to use! Cathy

"It is similar enough to Visio, and other drawing programs I have used before, that it fit my working habits very well," he said. "I read a few of the tutorials in the beginning, and I was on my way."

"With Edraw, I can quickly visualize a complex workflow process in a way that tells both the end-user, the hospital staff, and the system vendor how the planned system should operate."

"I think I could do the same projects with Visio, but it would definitely take a lot more time and effort. Time is money, and with Edraw I am able to achieve more in less time. When I was running Visio on my computer, everything worked very slowly. with Edraw, I can use several other programs simultaneously, without problems. There is just no need to pay for Visio when you can get Edraw for a lot less, and still do everything you need to do, Edraw gets the job done!"

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