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Posted by Allison Lynch | 04/20/2021
Quickly create organizational charts with easy to use tools.

Export the organizational chart as PDF, SVG, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or an image with one click. WYSIWYG printing.

Organizational Chart Creator

Organizational Chart Creator is the best tool to create your organizational chart. You can even add images for a photo organizational chart!

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With the following amazing features, it will surely bring you lots of benefits. Most hard stuff has already been tackled by Edraw, users will just indulge in their amazing works made with little effort.

  • Shapes and connectors can be generated automatically.
  • Shapes generated automatically are same size by default.
  • Relayout requires only 1 click.
  • Specialized org chart tools enable easier and faster formatting and modification.
  • Photo shapes containing action button allow quick insertion of photos.
  • Photos are resized after inserted to fit shapes automatically.
  • Who Can Benefit from Org Chart Creator

    People from all walks of like can benefit from Organizational Chart Creator. For example, human resources manager can absolutely be more relaxed in his daily job aided by this tool. All employees' information will be in their hands, in one single graph. Contrarily, employees can also contact with co-workers and leaders more easily. Availability of such information will facilitate collaboration and thus improve efficiency.

    Easy Tools to Create Organization Chart

    When you select one organizational chart shape, you can use the context menu to add subordinate, colleague or assistant. The org chart creator will auto-align, auto-space, and re-layout shapes. All are quick and easy.

    Org Chart Tool

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