Online Organization Chart

Online organization charts offer various benefits, such as convenience, interaction and flexibility. Here are some organization chart templates for your reference. You can create and post online organization charts easier than ever with our organization chart software.

Usually, organization charts are printed on paper and sent to readers. If a company is large, it requires many copies of the organization chart. To be more environmentally friendly and efficient, online organization chart is the better choice. It becomes more and more popular for various benefits.

Benefits of Online Organization Chart

Generally speaking, compared with paper organization charts, online organization chart can benefit users mainly from the following perspectives:

1. They are environmentally friendly by saving papers.
2. They are easier to view for its simplicity and flexibility, crossing geographical obstacles.
3. They are interactive, including more information with website links.
4. They can be updated anytime anywhere easily.
5. They can be divided into smaller and more manageable charts that are linked together.

Paperless Online Org Charts Are Environmentally Friendly

In a large company, the org chart is large and needs to be printed on large papers to be clear. To help the employees see the structure of an company and know the colleagues better, at least one department should have an org chart. Then many copies of the org chart are required. When, there are updates, new org charts should be printed again. To be more environmentally friendly, the online org chart is gaining popularity. It can be sent to every employee easily, saving lots of paper.

Online Org Charts Are Easier to View

If the number of employees in your organization is over 100, it is difficult to print the org chart on a single page. Even wen you print it on a large sheet of paper or on multiple sheets, but it is hard to read and the structure is broken, too.

When it comes to online organization chart, the size is not a problem anymore. Just view it at any magnification because it is zoomable. Zoom out for entire view. Zoom in to focus on the details. Furthermore, you can scroll conveniently to see different parts.

View Online Org Charts

Online Org Charts are More Interactive

You can insert hyperlinks, attachments and notes to your org chart and post it online. In this way, readers can easily access more description of each employee. For example, you can find out who the sales manager is from the org chart. An interactive org chart helps you contact the manager easier. It can link directly to his resume including his e-mail, cellphone number and home address as well.

Interactive Org Chart with Attachment

Online Org Charts Are Easy to Update

People come and go for different reasons. Using paper charts means that you have to print and distribute new copies with each change. A company with high turnover rate had better use online org charts to avoid repeated printing. You can update the org chart online anytime, anywhere and the staff can view the change as soon as possible.

Edraw org chart software offers you extremely easy tools to modify update online charts. It supports to rearrange the whole chart at one click, which can really save lots of time.

Relayout Org Chart

Online Org Charts Can Be Divided into More Manageable Parts

An org chart of large company with many department can be complicated and cumbersome. To display all employees in a single org chart makes it too complex to be useful. So it is advisable to draw a general org chart with the main department and positions and then link each department to the corresponding org chart.

Org Chart Templates

Here are some organization chart templates created by Edraw Max - a powerful diagramming software with not only organization chart solution but also many types or diagram generators.

IT Department Organizational Chart Divisional Organizational Chart business Organizational Chart Educational Organizational Chart
IT Department Organizational Chart Divisional Organizational Chart Business Organizational ChartEducational Organizational Chart

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