What's a Mind Map? - Definition & Examples

Mind maps use a visual way to describe an idea, concept or note taking. It works as a graphical tool to help structure information, better analyze complicated concepts, recall and generate new ideas.

This article will give you a detailed introduction of mind map and hope it can help you have a better understanding about mind map.

Mind Map Definition

A mind map is a kind of diagram, which is used to organize information graphically. It is hierarchical and represents relationships among parts of the whole. A mind map usually begins with a single concept, then drawn as an image in the center of a blank page, where associated representations ideas will be added, such as words and images. Main ideas will be connected directly to the central concept, and other sub topics branch out from the major ones.

Mind maps are regarded as a type of spider diagram because of the layout of their major ideas and sub ideas. People can create a mind map by hand as rough notes for a urgent meeting or lecture; they can also draw it with a specialized diagram program for more professional situations.

Steps to Draw Mind Maps

Choose a professional diagram program and you will find drawing a mind map can be as simple as following steps.

Step 1. Start by writing or drawing a center concept in the middle of a blank page.

Step 2. Develop the related main ideas around this central concept, connect each of main ideas to the center with a line.

Step 3. Generate sub-branches that stem from the main branches to further expand on ideas and concepts.

Step 4. Use different colors, symbols and images to differentiate the branches and sub-topics.

Here comes a simple mind map example for your reference.

Benefits of Fruits Mind Map

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Advantages of Mind Maps

For a mind map,  its power lies in its simplicity.

Firstly, mind maps are flexible. You can use mind maps for a project, a meeting or an order, as you wish. There are no limits as to what mind maps should be used for.

Secondly, mind maps are clear. A mind map gives us a overview of whole thing and we can know what is the main idea from the clear mind map easily.

Thirdly, mind maps are easy to draw. You can brainstorm a concept then draw some symbols and lines on a blank page, then a beautiful mind map comes out.

Fourthly, mind maps enable a free flow of ideas. People usually create mind maps buy using single keywords, symbols and short phrases, which can be jotted down faster than usual and enables an unobstructed ideas flow.

Diagram Program for Mind Mapping

Edraw Mind Map, as a professional mind map maker, gets more and more popular among people for its following features.

  1. A large amount of mind map symbols for dragging & dropping and various templates & examples for customizing.
  2. Symbols and Templates

  3. Smart drawing guides and automatic alignment makes mind mapping pretty simple.
  4. Smart Drawing Guide

  5. Edraw Mind Map supports many formats import & export, which enables to share mind maps very convenient.
  6. Easy to Share

More Mind Maps

Except for basic mind maps, Edraw Mind Map can also create concept mind and bubble diagram. If any future interest, click mind map examples to view and download more.

Marketing Strategy Concept Map

Risk Management Bubble Diagram

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