Step-to-Step Guide - How to Draw Electrical Schematics

Learn how to design electrical schematics with electrical schematic symbols and libraries of design elements. Lots of electrical schematic samples and templates are provided too to help you get started.

How to make an electrical schematic design from the idea you have in your mind. Drawing electrical schematics is to choose the right components then put them together in a logical way. This page will show you how to draw an electrical schematic with various of libraries that are full of electrical schematic symbols.

Step One: Open a new drawing page for Electrical Schematic design

Start Edraw then follow the instruction to open a new electrical schematic drawing page: Available Templates - Engineering - Basic Electrical. Double click to start designing your own electrical schematic or click on the example down below for inspiration then customize your own.

New Drawing Page for Electrical Schematics

Step Two: Add electrical elements for schematic

Drag and drop the symbols needed for your electrical schematic from the elements libraries on the left.

Add Symbols for Electrical Schematics


Step Three: Connect electrical elements together

Under "Home" tab, select "Connector" to connect elements. Simply rest the cursor to the elements need to be connected, and connection dots of all directions will appear automatically. Then drag the connector from one connection dot to another.

Connect Electrical Elements for Schematics


Step Four: Save and export

Under the "File" tab, hit "Save" to save your Electrical Schematic as the default format .eddx, or click on "Save as" under "File" tab to save as other formats.

Save Electrical Schematic

Click "Export & Send" under "File" tab to export the Electrical Schematic to other formats including PowerPoint, JPG, PDF and so on.

Export Electrical Schematic

Here is a completed Electrical Schematic. Click the image for free download and customize your own.

Micro Electronic Schematics

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