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How to Customize Arrow Shapes

> Edraw Tip > How to Customize Arrow Shapes
Posted by James Freeman | 06/25/2021
Here is a simple guide showing how to customize arrow shapes and develop tailor arrows suite for your need.

1. Where to get the arrow shapes?

  1. To get arrow shapes, click Library button, and choose General, you will see "Arrow Shapes" and "Arrow Connectors" library.
  2. To get arrow charts, click Library button, and choose Business Diagram, you will see "Circular Charting Shapes", "List Shapes", and "Process Shapes".

Open Arrow Libraries

2. Refill Colors

Edraw contains powerful fill options. You can fill an arrow with solid colors, gradient colors, patterns or textures. It's all depends on what style you like.

Arrows Fill Colors

Use Control Handles

Control handles gives some arrow shapes more flexibility and make it easier to change the style.

Change Arrow Size

Use Floating Buttons

Floating button is a small action button appearing on the top right when you select the arrow shape. It includes a drop-down menu with some quick options.

Use Floating Handles


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