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Part 1: What is a Greeting Card?

For hosts of special events to notify and invite people to join, invitation cards are sent out to guests. They can be used for personal events such as birthdays and weddings or larger public events such as a product launch. It will typically include the host's details, date, and location of the event. Invitation cards can be sent physically (if printed) or digitally (if virtual).

Invitation cards are useful as they inform a targeted audience about your event and encourages participation. They are especially important in marketing and business, as attracting the right crowd to your events can enhance a company's chances of meeting the right people and securing better deals.

Part 2: How to Create a Greeting Card

Step 1: Open EdrawMax from your computer, and navigate to [New] > [Card].

Open EdrawMax

Step 2: Choose a pre-made template from the template gallery and open it. You will see the card on the canvas with a lot of editing tools on the top menus and right panes.

open template

Step 3: When the card design is finished, you are able to save and export the creation to graphics(JPG, PNG), PDF, editable MS Office file format, SVG and Visio vsdx file format.

save and export file in EdrawMax

Step 4: Alternatively, you can share the card via social media and sharing links. In addition, you can publish your diagram into EdrawMax's online template gallery.

share and publish file in EdrawMax


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Part 3: Greeting Card Examples

Example 1: Lolipops Children's Day Card

Lolipops Children's Day Card

Example 2: Pink Egg Easter Day Card

Pink Egg Easter Day Card

Example 3: Lace Decoration Birthday Card

Lace Decoration Birthday Card

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