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Free Concept Mapping Software - Freeware

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Posted by James Freeman | 06/28/2021
Free, intuitive, and easy-to-use concept mapping software helps you create professional-looking concept maps in minutes.

Introduction to Concept Map

A concept map is a type of graphic organizer used to help students organize and represent knowledge of a subject. Concept maps begin with a main idea (or concept) and then branch out to show how that main idea can be broken down into specific topics.

Concept Map Software

Concept Mapping Software


Full-Featured Mind Mapping Software
33 predefined themes to make your mind map stand out
12 different structures to meet your need
  • Cross-platforms supported (Windows, Mac, Linux, Web)
  • Brainstorming mode and presentation mode
  • Group & real-time collaboration
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To be successful, one should know that," The devil is in the details and the death is at the speed." Sometimes, neglecting one small detail can lead to failure. But you don't need to worry, Edraw can help you focus on details as well as the big picture. It can even increase your productivity and creativity by visually organizing your ideas onto a concept map.

How can Concept Mapping Help you?

MindMaster concept mapping for your team, for all visual thinkers out there - this is an app you can apply to:

• Plan projects
• Improve presentations by displaying information in a visually appealing way
• Brainstorm, manipulate ideas and concepts with great ease and flexibility
• Spark inspiration for creative work
• Explain difficult concepts in details
• Helps understand and communicate knowledge effectively
• Manage activities and classes especially for teachers
• Promotes active note taking, thinking, and learning skills particularly for students
• Fosters inquiry and problem solving
• Accelerate work or production efficiency

What are Advantages of MindMaster by Edraw?

Ready-Made Symbols for Concept Map

There are a wide range of well-designed concept map symbols, shapes, and templates. Therefore, you can effortlessly find the ones you need. The following templates include some logical shapes to draw a concept map.

Smart Concept Mapping Guide

Topics do automatically connect when you drag them from the Shapes library. So you don't need to connect topics one by one. To begin, drag a Shape out onto the drawing page. The smart guide will show. This will save you many hours in the long run.

Automatic Layout Make the Drawing Process Easier

Edraw layout algorithms enable the clear presentation of concept maps with the different automatic concept map layout styles. Experience the difference and convenience with Edraw.

Start from Concept Map Examples

Starting with the pre-defined concept map templates and examples are the quickest way to create a fantastic concept map. Choose your favorite template, modify it,and make it a brand new concept map.

You can choose to use:

Concept Mapping Freeware - EdrawMind

Professional Version Concept Map Creator - EdrawMax

Edraw software will assist you in drawing your concept mapping with minimal effort and makes it very easy for beginners. Built-in shapes and smart connector tools present the concepts and relationships faster and work smarter.

Basic Functionalities of Concept Mapping Software

  1. Creating nodes of concepts or propositions
  2. Supports link to website, link to nodes, link to text
  3. Links can add text
  4. Formatting nodes, links and labels
  5. Toggling between map and outline modes
  6. A document can have multiple pages
  7. Lots of pre-designed callouts
  8. Exporting a concept map as an image, pdf, word, svg and ppt
  9. Spelling check
  10. Slideshow play mode

Concept Mapping Examples

The following are some concept mapping examples created by Edraw max.

concept map template Concept Map Mind Map

How to Create a Concept Map with MindMaster

Take a look at the following video to learn to create a concept map with MindMaster in minutes.

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How to Draw a Concept Map

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